Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Remember the Garage?

Remember the building we bought to turn into a garage? And the never-ending roofing project of last summer? Well, we've finally gotten back to it. And made quite a bit of progress!

The building was a doctor's office, so it had a waiting area, 2 bathrooms, a utility room, and a number of examining rooms. This view is from the waiting area.

We tore down walls, walls, and more walls to clear out the area that will become the garage and workshop.

And ended up with a nice empty space. This is only one section of the building. It is really an L-shaped open space. Trusses provide the structure for the building so we were able to remove all of the interior walls without worry that it would fall down!

We rented a floor scraper to remove the tile floor from the concrete. Not asbestos. We had to have it tested so we could throw it in the dumpster.

We've started to put things back now. We've added the framing for the walls between the garage and studio and storage room. We've replaced the electrical panel and meter box and gotten an electrical rough-in inspection so we could have the electricity turned on. The HVAC was installed last week. Next up is installing the garage doors and framing and plumbing inspections!

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